How to use the Impossible I-1 viewfinder

The I-1 uses a mechanical pop-up viewfinder with reflective silver markings that help you to align the camera correctly for a well-composed shot.

To open the viewfinder, gently push the tab labeled ‘push’ sideways in the direction of the arrow. This will release the latch and the viewfinder will pop up. To close it again, simply fold it down, rear lens first, pressing gently downwards until the latch clicks shut.

The viewfinder is most accurate when you hold it 4 – 5cm away from your eye. To use the alignment markings, follow these steps:

  • Close one eye and hold your camera out in front of you, at first about 20cm away from your face.
  • Train your eye on the silver dot on the viewfinder’s rear lens. Move the camera until the silver dot is in the center of the circle on the front lens.
  • Move the camera towards you until the viewfinder is 4-5 cm away from your eye. The dot will become blurry but should still be visible inside the circle. You’ll see that the view through the viewfinder has become sharp.
  • Remember that the viewfinder sits above the camera’s lens, so at very close distances (1.2 meters or less), you will need to aim higher than what you see in the viewfinder to compose your shot correctly.

The viewfinder is removable. It’s attached to the top of the camera with magnets, which makes it easy to detach and reattach. When you want to reattach it, it will simply slide and click into place. You will need the viewfinder to compose all your shots, but you can remove it when you need to throw your camera into a bigger bag or suitcase.